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Welcome to Ex&Invivo Biology!


Invivo Biotech Co. td was established in Shijiazhuang High-tech Zone in May 2016. It is a high-tech enterprise based on the advanced gene-editing technologies developed by research teams of Peking University and Hebei Medical University.

At present. it is the only international research and development institution engaged in the development of genetic engineered hamster as Nanimal model for human diseases. The company'schief scientist, Dr George tiu is also a specially

appointed professor at Peking University. He and hi team developed of unique genetically engineered hamster models using the latest geneediting technology, n December 2014, he was awarded the Yaoming Kangde Prize for"the Creation of

Genetically Engineered Hamsters"by vice chairman Sang Guowei of the National People's Congress.




What do we do?

We focus on the research of experimental animals and the development of new strains.


Our company has so far successfully developed more than ten genetically engineered hamster stains for metabiotic and cardiovascular diseases, divided into the following five main series and named after the Chinese metropolises where our product developers and cooperators are in.

Series I – Harmful cholesterol increases: hamster models with LDL receptor deficiency, Scavenger receptor A deficiency and Scavenger receptor B1 deficiency (respectively Beijing, Nanjing and Wuhan hamsters).

Series II – Beneficial cholesterol decreases: hamster models with LCAT deficiency and ABCA1 deficiency (respectively Shanghai and Shijiazhuang hamsters).

Series III – Triglyceride increases: hamster models with ApoC2 deficiency and ApoA5 deficiency (respectively Changsha and Chongqing hamsters).



We’ve constructed bases over 2,400 square meters for the research and breeding of experimental animals, including 1,200 square meters of barrier environment.



The main target product of our company is the research, development and production of genetically engineered hamsters aiming at the world market.



Globally unique and internationally advanced research & development platform, focusing on the metabolism of anthropomorphically genetically engineered hamsters, and models of animals with cardiovascular diseases.

Our products!


Product quality and service!


Product quality


1. Research & development platform, focusing on the metabolism of anthropomorphically genetically engineered hamsters, and models of animals with cardiovascular diseases.

2. Provide a variety of new genetically engineered hamster models that are highly similar to human metabolic and cardiovascular diseases for both home and abroad.

3. Promote the research of what causes metabolism and cardiovascular disease, and improve the success rate of new drug discovery.




1. In the development of the above-mentioned genetically engineered hamster strains, establish the first SPF-level R&D breeding base for new kinds of genetically engineered hamsters.

2. On the one hand, undertake the services of preparing new genetically engineered hamster species for domestic and foreign research institutions and enterprises, while developing the market for genetically engineered hamster models.

3. On the other hand, breed the above-mentioned hamster strains in large quantities to provide vast numbers of users at home and abroad.